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DANCE, When You're Broken Open!

Remember that feeling as a kid when you lost your mom in the grocery store?

That panicky, uneasy, complete freak out feeling? That’s what life felt like before The Womb Sanctuary. And then remember that glorious moment when you found your mom and she made eye contact with you and you felt like you were safe at home?

That’s the same feeling of coming home to YOU. The Womb Sanctuary gave Me back to myself, helping me to birth the healed, evolved, whole ME!

The woman I was when I embarked on this journey was scared, self-hating, unable to look myself in the eye, wrapping myself in shame and recycling the stories of “what they did to me.” For 28 years of my life I was not able to look myself in the eye and say, ‘I love you!’

I was the victim. I desperately tried to control my life and others. ‘I can make them love me’, I’d stubbornly say, “I can change them. I can ignore the pain and trauma. I can put a mask on and pretend to be happy, they can’t tell right?’

Shelley’s story has paved the way of her devoted, unwavering, highly-skilled and continuously growing wisdom of which she pours into The Womb Sanctuary, a sacred space for YOU to be Seen, Heard and Loved. Sis, if you want someone who will ever so patiently give YOU the tools needed to tell your story, Shelley is your person. She will not rush you. She will not poke and prod you. She allows you the grace and space to uncover your own authentic truth that frees you. She truly gives you the tools to breathe again. To LIVE, and I mean actually live. For the first time in ten years of trauma, my inner child came out of hiding from the corner through Shelley’s work. And let me tell you, this inner child came out ready to live her best life and for once I gave her EVERYTHING she needed and wanted, because I DESERVE IT!

Let’s be real the road to healing can and will get very dark. The work done through the Womb Sanctuary EMPOWERS YOU WITH THE LIGHT of which you now have in your toolkit for life. The journey called life will simultaneously have light and dark moments, make sure your toolkit has what you need for both situations. Wait, what… I need tools for the good moments?!

Have you ever been still long enough to appreciate the air you breathe or the way the sun feels on your skin? Have you ever just looked yourself in the mirror and unapologetically poured self-love into you? Yeah, it’s a YUMMY feeling my fellow sisters. The Womb Sanctuary allows you to realize just how powerful you are throughout the storm and if you will allow it to usher you into the yumminess of a brand new life.

I AM a Victor not Victim. I AM a Goddess. I AM Healed and Whole. I AM Gratitude. I AM at PEACE. And I AM forever grateful for what I now call my Forever Blessed Soul sister, Shelley Parris. Unapologetically, make the decision that this is NOT how your story ends. Allow The Womb Sanctuary to guide that SHIFT to Healed and Whole. The Power to make this decision is in YOU! I believe in You and I love YOU. Now it’s time to love you too.

HEARTimony Love by Naomi Nandkishorelal

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