Remember You are Divine

Go feel on some trees today. Feel the coursing of InnerG and vibration from the Oneness. Stick your toes and the soles of your feet in the soil.

Get bodied by Momma Earth.

Begin to feel your grounded-ness as you expand into your center. Fill your whole body with deep, full and enriching breaths. Notice its coolness as it enters the doorways of your nostrils. Feel its warmth as it exits them in a sweeping motion rounding up and leading away the toxins and heaviness like the Pied Piper.

No more room in the inn for the dead to stay here, too.

Feel your lightness and your brightness. It’s easy for your Brilliance to get dull from the chaos of the world beat boxing against your back bending you over until you're too busy looking down at your feet, you miss the splendor and beauty of the sun, forgetting the arch in your back and the sway in your hips where you once stood tall and proud in the glory of YOU!

Don't you know... you’re a five-pointed star in life’s clothing! Either go within or continue to go without. You choose. Theirs a symbiotic beat turning up on the inside and if you listen close you’ll hear it. It sounds familiar and you’ll need to catch the frequency so you can sing it out loud.

Give VOICE to it. Give LIFE to it. Give BREATH to it as you OHM IT...

So other’s who are tuned in, tapped in and turned onto its magnificent, glorious boom bap will sing it back to you...

Your Soul’s Song!

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