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The Body Chronicles

Notice when you retell your stories of past events... The way it shows up in your body, the inflection in your voice. How it makes you feel re-living it in every fiber of your being.

The re-telling, especially without resolution adds to the trauma.

The re-telling in order to illicit a specific response from others (be on my side) is manipulation.

The re-telling, in hopes that it could or should have happened any other way than it did leaves no room for healing or forgiveness.

So choose a story that you tell on a regular.

You will already know which one you will need to work with.

Pay attention the next time you tell it.

Become a Sacred Witness as to how it

resides within you. How it overtakes you and transports you back in time to unresolved places within yourself.

- Note the emotions and feelings that come.

Take the time to reflect and sit with them.

- Check your motives for telling the story in the first place.

- Take the time to forgive yourself and any other people involved.

- Send love and light to both of you. Sit and breath until you feel any tension or resistance dissolving. Let go of the attachments.

- Allow the thoughts to come up and free yourself from the bondage it has kept you in.

- Feed it Gratitude for the fertilizer it provided to GROW and GLOW You Up in the NOW 🙌🏾

Repeat this process as often as possible. Start taking the charge away from things that are no longer serving you. Stop feeding it all of your InnerG, time and focus.

I realize in our humanness our need to be right and justified will lock us into victim patterning that keep us stuck.

Ask Yourself Who Am I and Who Can I Become without this Story?

I am becoming more and more observant of the ways that it will camouflage itself so well, it will go virtually undetected until triggered by another person or an event.

Stay Vigil

Be Intentional

And By All Means Heal Everything 🙌🏾

You hold the Power to Tell a New Story!

Stay tuned for #HOLLA Coming Soon ❤️

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