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THRIVAL Over Everything

While Growing through your Transformations, your body is telling its story - the signals/discomfort/resistance/ stagnation

- it starts tracing back all of the eavesdropping your cells did on the conversations you had

- it pinpoints regions of origin/ roots systems / it didn’t all start with you- yet once you wake up and recognize you are not the programming you’ve been spinning

- Your Healing/ Your Restoration becomes your Choice/ Your Intention/ Your Call - You’re undoing/ becoming/ expansion and BEINGness 🙌🏾

How I approach my High Vibrational Tuneups to transmute that stuck/stale/stagnated InnerG:

• Hydrate

• Intentional Breath

• Posture of Relaxed State of Belief

• If signal present (painpoint) observe location/ what side / events occurred prior to this sensation being present / what beliefs/ narrative have been prevalent?

• Inquire within: quality questions/ creating solution oriented pathways - What are you revealing to me in this present moment? Who have I allowed to be the pain in my neck/shoulder, etc.?

• I give myself permission to release and let go this stale/stuck/stagnated InnerG and begin to flow

• I speak the word, declare and declare, command and let it be so!

Today how much InnerG will you invest into your inner world of thoughts and feelings to create a new reality?

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