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Summary: Inspirational novel published in 2002. This fictional work is the creation of Shelley Parris Williams, who at the time was a single mom living in Central Florida with her daughter.


“To Everything There Is A Season, A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven” ~Ecclesiastes 3:1


And For This Reason, Nina Montgomery, a street, savvy young woman will face the most difficult season of her life! A history of emotional and physical abuse plagues this former teen mother as she struggles in adulthood to come to terms with herself, and unforgiving past. Zoe, her teenaged daughter, a silent witness in the midst of all this turmoil refuses to venture down the same chaotic path as her mother. Zoe dreams of another life, apart from the one they’re simply existing in, and finds refuge in her first love… whatever that might be. To Zoe it’s all very crystal clear, but Nina can’t seem to find her way.


Come take this journey through the minds of Nina and Zoe from the cold and gritty streets of Brooklyn, to the inviting warmth of Pembroke Pines, FL, where the prospect of change appears promising. Their new life is challenged when suddenly confronted by the truth. The past has comeback with a vengeance, fast and furious and they can no longer outrun it! Nina has some critical decisions to make and there’s really only ONE source that can help, but it will require the greatest act of faith! This summer is guaranteed to change both their lives forever.

In the Eyes of Truth

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