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Earth Bath Ceremony

A ceremony of the ancients where you are submerged in sand.

  • 3 hours
  • $333 - $555
  • Beach

Service Description

The ancient memory awakens and the deep healing with the feminine and EARTH begins to unfold. You heal the time(s) you lost your connection with the EARTH, regain your wisdom and feel the vibration of the heart of the EARTH extract all the imprinted memories in your light body of suffering or pain. The earth as a living being as great mother brings back the knowing of walking in the lush garden of the EARTH, connected to all her creations. Some who experience this ceremony heal insomnia, anxiety, phobias, depression and others receive a deep initiation to the EARTH teachings. The earth bath is followed by a, water blessing ceremony where we complete the 13th Rite of the Womb/Munay-Ki, smudging with cleansing herbs, and fire to ignite and illuminate the purification you have just experienced. You will experience a complete renewal with the four elements. The medicine our great mother earth has is able to heal all things. She is holding us as we go through our evolution, informing us of what needs to shed and what new bodies and ways of life are to be birthed to prepare for this MOMENT and the time to come. Unite and return to her and walk in Peace. Our Great Mother, the one who nurtures all of life! Offer her your heart and drink from her medicine! This ceremony can include your soulTribe to come and witness, hold Sacred Space for you. This will be performed at the beach rather than in soil. With the sand, it can be considered as crystalline matter that transmutes/recharges us with the help of Mother Earth. You will receive complete instructions as to how to prepare and what to expect following your ceremony.

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