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The Master Called the Butterfly

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I made my entrance into this world under the new moon robed in its darkness under the watery sign of Scorpio. Scorpio one who is ruled by Pluto, the sign of death, transformation and rebirth, and its ancient ruler of Mars whose primary focus is to exist. It is everything that sticks, cuts or penetrates.

I was destined to do this work we offer here at The Womb Sanctuary. I was birth shrouded in pain and have spent my life dying, transmuting, rebirthing, resurrecting as I reflect over the course of my life. The many portals of experience and activation that cracked me open to deeper/higher versions within myself. I willingly choose to walk through the fires and the shadows to be born again. Over and over. What insight I have gained!

What the Caterpillar Called the End 
The Master Called the Butterfly! 

I AM the Daughter of the Void. The one who makes something from the nothing. One who learns to resurrect themselves from the ashes. Daughter of Change who has come to terms with the destruction and chaos as the precursor, the remover of obstacles to open the way.     
This revelation has up leveled my vantage point. I am allowing myself to step back into the caress of expanded consciousness and sacred witnessing. In this observatory placement I begin to notice the carefully embedded cycles/patterns/posturing of my life. We are often the continuation of a conversation, a story repeated, a prayer uttered by our ancestors for something different. Birth into this lifetime and existence to exact a specific change to bring about resolution and healing to a story that may have gone through the rinse and repeat cycle of pain far too many times... OH But You Came! 

Called and You Answered

Came in to SHIFT the cycle, change the atmosphere and turn the whole dayum story on its head! Matter fact rip it to shreds and start anew. Outfitting yourself in this new way of being you become a foreigner in land you once called home and your language now spoken, is only for a select few. Those that no longer look to grasp understanding from a logical-make-it-make-sense view, it comes from a connection and a knowing from ancient times that once we arrive at our perspective meeting points we would remember what we spoke about before we got here.... 

“We're all just walking each other home.” 
― Ram Dass 

I got cracked open one day on top of a massage table. My heart essence was leaking. Once again I felt as if I had been gutted by life as grief immobilized me in what seemed to be the most inopportune time for death. I was nearing the close of my yoga teacher training where I had been graciously invited back to my breath until that fateful day in January 2014 when my breath got snatched back. I could feel myself sinking, sinking back into a time when anxiety, panic attacks and depression had become my customary visitors. A time when I would wake in the morning and almost feel a sadness because I did. I had been enveloped in a void which took years for me to finally perceive light again. And I felt myself slipping again, back into the abyss of nothingness. Of numbness and indifference until my guided rounds of intentional breath peeled back the layers of my wonting grief and unwrapped the gift. I had no idea at the time, from that incredibly painful, debilitating period that it would eventually give way to something so beautiful and powerful that we would come to know as The Womb Sanctuary!

I am so grateful that instead of succumbing to the pain this time, I was baptized and reborn from it. The Womb Sanctuary has become a healing space for others to do the same! What started out as a room upstairs in my home to serve as a sacred space for me to tend to my wounds and walk out my own healing, turned into a place where I could take others by the hand like I was taken in 2014, by an another amazing soul who held space for me to breathe and gradually find my way back home, back to center... back to the precious, divine essence of my God self!

It is where I learned my healing art of creation, transformation and alchemy that we all inherently possess. It is the very rites of passage found in our lifetime, every heartbreak, disappointment, loss, death, whatever it is... used to initiate us along the path where the caterpillar meets the butterfly in our cycle of self-mastery. Each one a portal that opens us up to our greater selves waiting to emerge! 

Shelley Parris, wellBEING Activist & Mind/Body Practitioner, blends Holistic Health, Life Coaching, Mind Mastery and Energy Medicine; Shelley integrates a harmonic system of sacred breath, movement and thought inspired by ancient practices and healing traditions.  While working with Shelley, you will discover the resonance in your life, putting you in alignment with vitality, abundance and fulfillment. Her proven methods inspire you to vibrate higher resulting in sacred communion with your Divine Self and Source. Cultivate high vibrational connections to others, and your world becomes re-imagined through creative boldness which empowers you to live the life of your dreams!   

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Shelley has an expansive background in personal and professional development. She has trained with world-renowned master teachers, experts, coaches and trainers from across the globe. A brief highlight of her studies, include program intensives and certifications from the following: The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, American Fitness Professionals and Associates, SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine, The Arvigo Institute, The Blend Academy, The Womb Sauna University, Natural Wellness Academy, Robbins Research International, Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation, Landmark Worldwide, Kemetic Yogaskills and Mastery Systems.
Her ability to Make SHIFT Happen makes Shelley, a sought-after facilitator, speaker, and ambassador with a connective spirit that engages audiences through her ongoing empowerment events, coaching programs, wellness products and high vibrational partnerships. In order to Make SHIFT Happen in the lives of others, she first had to Make SHIFT Happen for herself. She used the very same principles, tools and techniques she now teaches in order to transcend her own Pain Story as a daddyless daughter and teen mother who, at the tender age of 15, lost her own mother. Shelley learned to emerge from beyond the shadows of a plagued victim mind-set to empower herself with a masterfully re-written POWER story, propelled by her commitment to leading a fulfilled life on purpose!

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